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Stay Safe this Winter  


Getting into the Christmas spirit

Whilst most people enjoy the festive season, others may feel lonely, cold or isolated at this time of year. If you have an elderly or vulnerable neighbour, why not check on them from time to time to make sure they have everything they need for the holidays? They may also appreciate having a helping hand nearby if they need one, particularly as the winter weather sets in.

It's also a good idea to keep your eye out for cold callers. While most people who call at your home may be genuine, bogus callers or rogue traders may try to trick their way into your home, sell you goods or services that you don't need or offer to carry out unnecessary repairs at inflated prices.

If you have concerns about anyone calling at your home, don't open the door. And if you spot any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, report it to the police immediately, giving as many details as you can, including descriptions of any people or vehicles involved.

Cold Callers

Kent Police have received a number of calls about companies who cold call. In particular Carlton Security Solutions & Direct Response. Both selling security alarm systems. In some instances they are claiming to be working with Kent Police. This is not the case.

Please report any calls from these companies to Kent Trading Standards, who advise consumers to be wary when dealing with cold callers on your telephone & at their door. Consider carefully whether you do want the goods or services offered.

To report any concerns you have or for details of Buy With Confidence traders call Trading Standards via Citizen Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506. 

You can also visit for a list of traders.

If you feel threatened or intimidated them please call the police at the time of the incident.

Don't tempt thieves this Christmas

As most of us prepare for the festive season, thieves may also be looking forward to the wide range of gifts or valuables on display. particularly in your home or car. Make sure thieves don't spoil your Christmas by taking a few steps to keep your valuables and shopping safe:

When you go out:
-- Don't leave valuables or Christmas shopping on display in your vehicle, or in the boot or glove box - thieves know where to look.
-- Keep valuable items like keys, wallet and mobile phone tucked away, out of sight and spread around your person for safety. 
-- Never leave your belongings or shopping unattended.

When shopping online: 
-- If you're buying items online, make sure you use reputable companies, only use a page with https or the padlock icon and pay by credit card.

At home:
-- Keep valuables including presents, wallets and car keys out of view from doors and windows, and secure your home before you go out.
-- Dispose of packaging carefully - boxes or wrappings for expensive-looking items left outside your home may tempt thieves. 

For more advice from our Stay Safe this winter campaign, visit

How to contact Kent Police

Report a crime:

  • Call 101 to report a non-urgent crime or to contact your local officer
  • Call 999 if a crime is in progress or life is in danger
  • If you are deaf or speech-impaired, text 'police' and your message to 60066
  • Visit your nearest police front counter to report non-urgent crime

Last Update  20.12.2012
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