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Hothfield Village's Play Area needs renewing

Hothfield Play Area Options – Style and Environment
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At Hothfield there has been consultation with local children over what they like do when they play and the sort of place they want. The results of this consultation will help us to design the sort of play area that provides children with the activities they enjoy in a place they find appealing and interesting.

Parents and other adults using the play will also have a view on the sort of place they would like the play area to be and we would like to near your views before the detailed design begins.

There is a huge choice in the equipment and materials available for use in children’s play areas. This choice makes it possible to provide a good range of activities whichever style of equipment is preferred. All the equipment shown in the illustrations (Click Here to view) is made for unrestricted public access and is robust and hard wearing.

The most recent guidance from the DCFS and from the Children’s Bureau strongly advocates natural settings for play areas, more freedom for children to explore and a relaxation of the ‘caged and segregated’ approach to play provision.

The location of the play at Hothfield is ideal for the design of an attractive natural character for the new play area. * Click Here to view *  The first two Options for Play sheets show some of the materials and equipment that could be used. The third sheet shows a new generation of equipment designed to allow families of mixed ages – including grown-ups - to use the equipment and play together.

The remaining two Options for Play sheets show other styles of modern equipment which have worked well in other places and might fit in with the character of Hothfield play area if carefully designed.

Please help by completing the questionnaire provided and returning it to The Children’s Centre by Friday 24th April.




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