Hothfield Parish Council the rustic heart of Kent


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

held at The Village Hall, Hothfield,

on Monday 8 January 2007 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: Mrs S Whittington (Chair), Mr J Collins, Mr P Howard, Mr P Holloway, Mr L Hughes, Mr L Krause, Mr P Patten, Mr R Pitt and Mr A Rawlins



MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were no Members of the Public present

There were no Apologies for Absence

There were no Declarations of Interest

Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct
The Clerk reminded Councillors that they should update their Declarations of Interest with the Monitoring Officer if necessary.

Minutes 50 were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Whittington should sign them.
Proposed Mr Hughes Seconded Mr Collins

There were no Members of the Public present.

Concern was expressed that the crime figures included with the minutes of the North Weald Police Forum do not accurately represent the level of crime in Hothfield, as there is no indication on the table as to the number of reported crimes per head of population or per house, for the different villages in the area. Councillors felt that if these figures were given it would show that Hothfield has a very high crime rate, compared to the other villages in the area.

Mr Patten said he would supply the necessary figures and it was agreed that the Clerk should ask Sgt Lawrence to attend the February meeting and bring a breakdown of the crime figures
with him.

Mr Holloway was unable to find email addresses for Councillors on the Joint Transportation Board. He said he had contacted Richard King. Mrs Whittington reported that she had contacted Mr Corcoran who suggested that we lobby Councillors regarding this scheme.

It had been suggested that Hothfield will no longer need the speed management scheme, as agreed in 2004, if the school closes. Mr Patten wrote to Highways and pointed out that if the school does close the children will still have to cross School Road at least once a day to catch the bus.

Mrs Whittington informed councillors that she had walked the village with Darren Hickman, a Highways Engineer and he had drawn up a proposed Highway Enhancements Consultation Plan, similar to that produced in 2004. After discussion Councillors suggested one or two minor alterations and it was eventually agreed that the Clerk would write to Highways welcoming the scheme and putting the alterations forward for consideration.

Mrs Whittington reported that she had received an email from a parishioner regarding
two of the items recorded in Minutes No 50. A copy of the email was circulated to Councillors and the comments noted and discussed. It was unanimously agreed that the minutes were a correct record of the meeting.

Mrs Whittington has been invited to a meeting with the Nature Conservation and Tourism Officer and members of Ashford Borough Council to discuss plans for the Common. She asked councillors for suggestions that she could put forward at the meeting. Suggestions were as follows:-

Pay and Display Facilities
CCTV Cameras
A dawn to dusk barrier at the entrance to the car park
Close the toilets and turn the building into a Kent Wildlife Trust Information Centre

This is progressing. A meeting was held with the Merry and Bright Club and an open meeting was also held which was attended by 30-40 people, many from the perimeter of the
village. A meeting is going to be arranged with the young people of the village, after which a questionnaire will be circulated to all residents.

KCC Kent Minerals Development Framework Development Plan Documents (DPDs):
Submission of the Core Minerals Strategy, The Primary Minerals Development Control
Policies DPD, and the Construction Aggregates DPD and Proposals Map - SW
KAPC Notice of Meeting 06.12.06 – SW
The Playing Field
KPA Questionnaire – SW
ABC re Code of Conduct Training
KCC Redesignation of Roads used as a Public Path to Restricted Byway Status
ABC Parish Council Review – Little Chart
Ashford Green Corridor
Kent Wildlife Trust
Local Council Review
The Playing Field
Southern Water
KAPC Parish News etc
KCC Reference: Countryside Access Improvement Plan
KAPC Minutes of Meeting held 06.12.06
KCC re Youth Advisory Groups
Kent and Medway Structure Plan
Minutes of North Weald Parish Forum held on 13.12.06
Local Council Review
Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority’s Integrated Risk Management Plan 2007/08
Clerk and Councils Direct
The Bulletin
Kent Schools Organisation
ABC Updated Parish Profile
ABC Agenda for Parish Forum – 17th January 2007
ABC Ashford’s Future: Comprehensive Spending Review Submission

Mrs Whittington asked for a volunteer to replace Mr Fletcher as the Parish Council’s representative at KAPC meetings.

The letter from Kentish Stour re their Countryside Project was passed to Mr Krause for publication. .

Accounts to be paid

Mrs J Batt Salary and Expenses £357.79   £357.79
Mr R Rivers A History of Hothfield
Reprinting Expenses
£229.00   £229.00

Accounts proposed by Mr Pitt Seconded by Mr Collins

Resolution: Councillors unanimously agreed to pay the above accounts.

Bank Balance
The account balance stands at £7359.42. £1500 of this is earmarked for the Village Appraisal.

Freedom of Information Act/Web Site
Mr Stanley has been invited to attend next month’s meeting.

Councillor List
It was agreed to put Councillors names and telephone numbers only on the web site.

Budget Preparation
Concurrent Functions Grant
The Clerk explained to Councillors that we receive a Concurrent Functions Grant from ABC each year. This grant is to help us cover the cost of revenue expenses such as grass cutting and repairs to play equipment etc which we have to pay, but which are paid for by ABC in Ashford. Any unspent grant may have to be returned to ABC at the end of the financial year.

Our Grant for this year is £849.54.

Items of expenditure that we can claim from the Concurrent Functions Grant to date in this financial year are as follows:-

Cleaning bus shelter - £520.00
ROSPA Report - £75.00

Total Spent to date - £595.00.

It was proposed that we give a grant to the Village Hall Committee to help with the running costs of the Village Hall and the Clerk was asked to confirm that this can come from the Concurrent Functions Grant.

We have been offered a grant of £834.29 for the year 2007-2008, which Councillors agreed to accept.

Planning Permission has been approved. Ashford Borough Council have produced a 99 year Lease between themselves and Hothfield Parish Council for the land and an Agreement between Hothfield Parish Council and the Hothfield Parents Support Group, who are going to undertake some responsibility for the MUGA.

Mr Patten asked for the Parish Council’s approval to sign the lease and the agreement.

Mr Krause proposed that the Parish Council should sign the lease and the agreement, seconded by Mr Collins. Unanimous

At this point in time we have £50,000 funding towards the project and an application is being submitted to BIFFA. This will be considered in March and if we are successful, it is hoped to start work on the installation in May.

Mr Rawlins proposed a vote of thanks to everyone involved in the project and it was agreed that the Clerk should write to Mrs Logan, Mr Rivers and Mr Patten on behalf of the Parish Council.

Tenders for Play Area
A tender was received after the cut off date and the Clerk read the details out to councillors for information. She will respond, informing the company that the letter arrived too late and that we will not after all be proceeding with the work.

ROSPA Inspection
It was agreed to ask Playsafety to undertake their annual inspection as usual.

See attached list.

Formation of Planning Committee
Mrs Flynn has resigned as a non voting member of the Planning Committee. The Clerk will produce a new set of Terms and Conditions for the Planning Committee.

Tidying Village/Litter Control
The members of the Community Payback Team have done a fantastic job clearing up around the area. They are going to undertake some work on the village hall and clean the bus stop.

Mr Howard thanked Mrs Whittington for arranging for the Community Payback Team to visit the village.

Mrs Whittington said she would ask Mr Fletcher whether he wished to continue running the Litter Control scheme within the village.

Items to be reported the the County Lengthsmen
The potholes in Coach Drive, Station Road and the entrance to Church Lane.
None of the street lights are working along Station Road.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

Signed …………………………………………………………. Dated …….............................
Mrs S Whittington, Chairman



13 NOVEMBER 2006 – 8 JANUARY 2007

Planning Applications Received

Full Planning Permission requested – Delegated to Officers unless otherwise stated:-

The following were supported by members of the Planning Committee at their meeting held on 20 December 2006

06/01466/AS Bockhanger Farms Ltd, Oaklands Farm, Pluckley Road, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN26 1ER
Cladding to existing livestock building and erection of temporary work beds
The following application was withdrawn at the applicant’s request:-
06/01550/AS Bevanpark Ltd, Lakeside Nursing Home, Chapel Road, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN25 4LN
Proposed new building for C2 use (residential care), 2 storey, 40 bed
extra care home
The following application was refused:-
06/01106/AS Mr J Van Loggerenberg, 37 Park Drive, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent TN26 1EG
Construction of a double garage, new roof to conservatory, dog kennel
(retrospective), wooden patio to front elevation and the creation of a new
vehicular access

The following applications have been granted:-
06/01869/AS Mr and Mrs Leggatt, 6 West Street, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN26 1ET
Proposed minor alterations to existing single storey extension to the rear of
property with insertion of roof light to match existing
06/02052/AS Hothfield Parish Council, land at Hothfield Recreation Ground,
School Road, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent
Construction of multi-play sports area complete with macadam play area surface,
fencing, lighting and litter bins. Proposal also includes a portable youth shelter.

Last Update  31.01.2007
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