Hothfield Parish Council the rustic heart of Kent


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

held at The Village Hall, Hothfield,

on Monday 11 September 2006 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: Mrs S Whittington, Mr J Collins, Mr R Fletcher, Mr P Howard, Mr P Patten, Mr R Pitt
After Co-option Mr L Hughes and Mr L Krause



MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were two Members of the Public present

Due to the fact that there were only 3 members present when the Chairman was elected
at the last meeting, it was agreed to hold a vote of Confidence in Mrs Whittington.
Mr Patten proposed the Vote of Confidence, seconded by Mr Collins. Unanimous

Mrs Whittington proposed Mr Patten, seconded by Mr Collins. Mr Patten agreed to accept the position. Unanimous

There were no Apologies for Absence.

There were no Declarations of Interest.

Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct
The Clerk reminded Councillors that they should update their Declarations of Interest
with the Monitoring Officer if necessary.

Mrs S Flynn, Mr L Hughes and Mr L Krause all expressed an interest in being co-opted
onto the Parish Council..
After a discussion, Mrs Flynn decided not to stand for the Parish Council, but agreed to
be co-opted onto the Planning Committee once it is set up.
Mr L Hughes was proposed for co-option by Mr Fletcher, seconded by Mr Collins.
Mr Patten proposed Mr L Krause. Seconded by Mr Pitt.
Mr Hughes and Mr Krause were unanimously co-opted onto the Parish Council.
Mr Hughes and Mr Krause signed their Declaration of Acceptance of Office and took the
Declaration of Members Interest forms to fill in and return to ABC

Minutes 45 of the July meeting were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that
Mrs Whittington should sign them.
Proposed Mr Howard Seconded Mr Collins

Minutes 46 of the August meeting were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Whittington should sign them.
Proposed Mr Collins Seconded Mr Howard

There were no Matters Arising.

Towards 2010
ABC Tourism Development Framework - LK
KAPC Notice of Meeting 02.08.06
ABC re changes to the ABC Planning Service
Kent BCTV re Tree Warden Scheme
KCC re Kent Waste Development Framework: Spatial Options Consultation - LK
Kent Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy: Headline Strategy
ROSPA Report
ABC re Parish and Polling District Review
KCC Annual Plan
Forestry Commission Register of New Planting and Felling Application South East England
ABC re Houseproud
KAPC Minutes of Meeting held 02.08.06
Housing News
ABC Yearbook
KAPC re KCC Seminar 13.09.06
ABC re Parish Council and Polling District Review 2006 – letter from Little Chart – to SW
KCC Clean Kent Campaign
The Playing Field
ABC re Parish Forum 12 July
KAPC Parish News etc
ABC re Clear up of Waste after Parish Events
KCC re Youth Capital Fund and Youth Opportunities Fund - PP
KCC Circular Roads 1/2006 “Setting Local Speed Limits”
KCC reply to our letter re Goldwyn Community School
Local Council Review - RF
South East England Assembly Partial Review of South East Plan – Provision for Gypsy and
Traveller Caravan Sites - LH
Clerk and Councils Direct - RF
ABC Minutes of Parish Forum
KCC re Explore Kent Website - RP

With regard to the correspondence from ABC regarding Boundary Changes, Mr Patten
reported that he had spoken with Trevor Robertson and told him that we are happy to
rationalise a section of our boundary with Little Chart Parish where it currently dissects
farmland. Apart from than we do not require any changes.

Accounts to be paid

Playsafety Play Area Inspection £75.00 £13.13 £88.13
Audit Commission Audit Fee 2006 £120.00 £21.00 £141.00
Mrs J Batt Salary and Expenses £548.10 £4.13 £552.23
Hothfield Village Hall Hire of Hall £22.00   £22.00

Accounts proposed by Mr Fletcher Seconded by Mr Krause

Resolution: Councillors unanimously agreed to pay the above accounts.

Bank Balance
The account balance stands at £6552.33.

The Village Appraisal Account stands at £1500 and this amount shows in the Reserve
Account balance.

A new Bank Mandate was filled in and signed by the 8 Councillors present to replace all
previous Mandates. It will be sent to Nat West with a request that they deal with the
Clerk regarding the day to day running of the accounts

Freedom of Information Act/Web Site
Mr Stanley has been in contact with the Clerk, Mr Pitt and Mr Rawlins with regard to setting
up a link to the KCC Website and arranging a Launch for our Website. Mr Pitt proposed
that the Parish Council should ask Mr Stanley to proceed with the link. Seconded by
Mr Patten. Unanimous. Mr Pitt and Mr Rawlins will arrange the Launch.

Village Fair
This item was not included on the Agenda, but Mrs Whittington asked and it was agreed that
it be included at this point.

Mrs Whittington reported that she had received a letter thanking the Parish Council for their
Financial contribution towards the 2006 Village Fair.

Les Hughes agreed to liaise with the Village Fair Planning Committee on behalf of the
Parish Council.

ROSPA Report
Following on from the ROSPA Report, the play equipment has been vandalised.

After discussion, it was agreed that the Clerk should write to 3 specialist companies and
request quotations for repairs to the equipment and seats. The work must be of a standard
that will pass an inspection by ROSPA.

See attached list.

Application No 06/01201/AS Hothfield Manor Ltd, re Hothfield Manor, Bethersden Road,
Ashford, Kent TN26 1EL
Extension of existing manor house to provide additional 20 bedrooms together with treatment and therapy facilities to be provided in two-storeys and single storey construction

is to go before the Planning Committee. Mr Patten asked Mr Rawlins to speak on behalf of
the Parish Council and he agreed. Mrs Whittington said she would ask him to send
Councillors a list of the bullet points for important issues that he intends to include in his
speech. Comments to be returned to Mr Rawlins by 1 Oct.

Formation of Planning Committee
It was agreed to set up a Planning Committee. Mr Peter Howard and Mr Les Hughes offered
to represent the Parish Council and Mrs Sheila Flynn agreed to be a Committee Member.
Only members of the Parish Council may vote, but Mrs Flynn will take a full part in
any discussions regarding the applications. The Clerk will prepare the Terms of Reference,

A meeting was held last Friday, attended by 34 people. Mr Twydell and Mrs Highwood
have taken all the information gathered at the meeting and are going to collate it.
More volunteers are needed to help with the production of the Appraisal. Mr Patten and
Mr Krause offered to represent the Parish Council on the Committee.

The school has 27 children on the roll. A decision on its future is still awaited.

It is hoped that the Planning Application will be submitted by December and that the MUGA
will be in place in early 2007.

Tidying Village
Mrs Whittington reported that she has a meeting arranged with Mrs Medlock to discuss
the possibility of the Community Service Volunteers coming out to work in Hothfield.
She hopes that they might be able to strim some of the verges and undertake work to the
bus shelter. Mrs Whittington also reported that Social Services are working with
ABC and are setting up projects for the CS Volunteers to undertake and that Hothfield are
on the list of areas to be included.

Litter Control
Mr Fletcher reported that a villager had asked him if it would be possible for a litter bin
to be installed in the area of the Village Hall. Mr Fletcher said he would find a suitable
site and the Clerk will contact ABC.

Mr Pitt suggested that it would be a good idea to hold a Litter Team Morning, when all the
Litter pickers could get together and work in as a team to bring the scheme to the attention of
the residents of Hothfield. Another suggestion was a “Clean Up Day” when we would try
to get more residents involved.

Speed Indication Devices
Mrs Whittington reported that we have learnt that motorists do speed through the village and
That Speedwatch does have a calming effect.

If we are going to continue we need more volunteers as the numbers are dropping.

It was agreed to include Speedwatch earlier on next month’s agenda to enable a longer
discussion to take place.

Copies of the Village Hall accounts were handed out. They will be discussed at the next

Mr Fletcher suggested that we should ask the Rural Warden and the Rural Constable to
attend the next meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.45 pm.

Signed …………………………………………………………. Dated …….............................
Mrs S Whittington, Chairman



4 AUGUST 2006 – 11 SEPTEMBER 2006

Planning Applications Received

Full Planning Permission requested – Delegated to Officers unless otherwise stated:-

06/01408/AS Bevanpark Ltd, Lakeside Nursing Home, Chapel Road, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN25 4LN
Demolition of part 2/3 storey, C2 use, care home and construction of a
new 3 storey, 35 suite, C2 use close care accommodation with support
Parish Council: Initial response was to support but it was decided
to hold a site meeting on 18.9.06

06/01550/AS Bevanpark Ltd, Lakeside Nursing Home, Chapel Road, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN25 4LN
Proposed new building for C2 use (residential care), 2 storey, 40 bed
extra care home
Parish Council: Initial response was to support but it was decided
to hold a site meeting on 18.9.06

06/01727/AS Mr and Mrs I D Clark, Harmony Mill, Little Chart Road, Little Chart
Nr Ashford, Kent TN26 0PZ
Conversion of existing garage into living accommodation
Parish Council: No comment as in property is in Little Chart

06/01728/AS Mr and Mrs I D Clark, Harmony Mill, Little Chart Road, Little Chart
Listed Nr Ashford, Kent TN26 0PZ
Building Conversion of existing garage into living accommodation
Consent Parish Council: No comment as in property is in Little Chart

The following applications have been granted:-

06/00952/AS Mr and Mrs Pitt, Mitchell Farmhouse, West Street, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN26 1EU
Replacement and relocation of oil tank and new garden store

06/01222/AS Mrs Goss, 1 Tufton Road, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent TN26 1DU
Single storey Side conservatory

AS/06/TEMP/0031 R Durtnell & Sons, re Goldwyn Community Special School,
Great Chart, Ashford, Kent TN23 3BT
Provision of new buildings for school and other facilities with
demolition of existing school buildings and new fencing and gates
separating school site from Swinford Manor
A copy of Tree Preservation Order No 14, 2006 re Cowlees, Alders, Hothfield, has been received

An Application to Determine whether Prior Approval is required for the Details of Agricultural Development has been received re:-

067/01188/AS Oakover Nurseries, Britton Farm, Maidstone Road, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN26 1AR
Provision of storage shed for nursery materials
DECISION: Approval is required

Last Update  30.10.2006
Hothfield Parish Council 2006