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Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

held at The School, Hothfield, on Monday 12 June 2006 at 7.00 pm


PRESENT: Mr P Patten (Chair), Mrs S Whittington, Mr J Collins, Mr R Fletcher, Mr R Pitt

and Mr A Rawlins



MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were no Members of the Public present

An Apology for Absence was received from Mr P Howard due to work commitments.

Mrs Whittington and Mr Patten declared an interest in matters associated with Hothfield School as they are both on the Governing Body.

i) Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct
The Clerk reminded Councillors that they should update their Declarations of Interest with the Monitoring Officer if necessary.

3. CRIME AND DISORDER (Incorporating Report by Rural Warden
Mr Patten urged villagers to report the names of people causing trouble and damage in the village to our Rural Warden, Lynn Marshall or P C Philip Smith. To be effective they must have the active support of the law abiding section of the Community

Minutes 43 were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Patten should sign them.
Proposed Mr Collins Seconded Mr Fletcher

There were no Matters Arising.

Charter 88
KCC Highway Services
The Playing Field
KCC Notice of Intention to Adopt the Kent and Medway Structure Plan

Received this month
HMCE £702.60 VAT Repayment

Accounts to be paid

HAGSOS Save Our School Banner £105.00   £105.00
Mrs Fields Contribution towards Newsletter £100.00   £100.00
Mrs J Batt Salary and Expenses £529.02 £4.05 £533.07
St Margaret’s PCC Contribution towards Grass Cutting £500.00   £500.00

It was verbally agreed during the month by Councillors Collins, Fletcher and Rawlins
to donate £105 to the Hothfield School Action Group for the purchase of a banner.

The PCC have requested an increase in the amount paid to them by the Parish Council
for grass cutting from £450 to £500. After discussion Mr Fletcher proposed the increase
Seconded by Mr Rawlins

As Mr Patten had left the cheque book at home, it was agreed that the cheques could be
written and signed later in the week.

Accounts proposed by Mr Fletcher Seconded by Mr Collins

Resolution: Councillors unanimously agreed to pay the above accounts.

Bank Balance
The account balance stands at £9537.19

Bank of Ireland
Nothing to report.

Risk Assessment
Nothing to report.

Freedom of Information Act/Web Site
The construction of the Web Site is well under way. It has been agreed that all items for
inclusion should be sent to the Clerk who will send them on the Mr Stanley. If any of the
items are in any way contentious, Councillors will be consulted prior to their publication on
the Web Site.

The Web Site address is

Mr Rawlins asked Councillors to look at the site and suggest any other items for inclusion.

Mr Patten thanked Mr Rawlins and Mr Pitt for working with Mr Stanley to produce the
Web Site.

We are waiting for a replacement CD.

See attached list.
Mrs Whittington was asked to respond to the application regarding Goldwyn Community Schools.

Nothing to report.

A group of people in Hothfield have set up a Save Our School Action Group to fight the
closure of Hothfield Primary School.

The School is a small but integral part of the Village. It is not as well supported by families
from the Village as it might be with only 18 of the 35 children who attend living in Hothfield.

We have received a letter from the Action Group requesting a donation of £500 from the
Parish Council towards the Action Group’s expenses, which are expected to be between
£1000 and £2000.

The Parish Council does not have a specific power under which they could authorise such a
Payment and although payment could be made using the Local Government Act 1972,
Section 137, after discussion Councillors agreed that it would not be prudent to do so.

The Parish Council has already agreed to give the Action Group £105 to pay for the cost of
The Save Our School Banner, from Section 137.

Councillors fully support the activities of the HAGSOS Campaign.

Village Fair
This item was inadvertently missed from the agenda, but Councillors agreed that it was
necessary to include it at this point.

Mr Patten reported that he had received a letter from Mr Twydell requesting payment for the
Parish Council stand and suggesting that the Parish Council also organise stands publicising
the MUGA, details on Parish Council Membership and information on Ashford
Borough Council and Kent County Council.

After discussion Councillors agreed not to proceed with any such display boards. It was
generally felt that they would be considered rather boring and would not generate much
interest at the Fair.

With regard to the payment of the booking fee for the Parish Council stall, Councillors
felt that as the Council has already donated £500 towards the running costs of the Fair,
they would donate the fee for the stall and any proceeds from the day to the Save Our
School Campaign.

Mr Patten said he would reply to Mr Twydell regarding the School and the Fair.

Play Area/ROSPA Report
Nothing to report.

Mr Patten has an appointment with Mark Carty later this week to discuss the Planning
Application. He will report back at the next meeting.

Tidying Village
Mr Patten has still not made contact with Mrs Medlock from the Kent Probation service
regarding the possibility of people with a Community Service Order coming to tidy up the

The Clerk was asked to contact KCC Highways to ask them to cut the verge at the bottom
of the triangle by the bus shelter.

Litter Control
The payment to the Hospice will be made next month.

Speed Indication Devices
The trial period is underway and it was agreed to continue until Mid July.

The overall feeling at the moment is that the Parish Council will not join with Pluckley
and Egerton to purchase a machine.

Village Hall
Mr Patten reported that he is very concerned that we are almost at the point where we are
going to have to close the Village Hall and ask ABC whether they would consider taking
back the lease. He said that if Councillors approve, he would write an article for the
newsletter, explaining that the hall is not being used as it should be due to the behaviour of
some of the local youths. The income to the hall last month amounted to just £60 and
expenditure was £1800. If things do not improve drastically, financially, the Committee will
only be able to keep the hall running for about a year. Various members of the Committee
have, or have expressed an intention to resign.

Mr Patten asked Mr Pitt to scrutinize the lease and see if we have a “get out” clause.

Mr Patten handed a letter to the Clerk informing Councillors of his resignation from his
position of chairman with immediate effect.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.



9 MAY– 12 JUNE 2006

Planning Applications Received

AS/06/TEMP/0031 R Durtnell & Sons, re Goldwyn Community Special School,
Great Chart, Ashford, Kent TN23 3BT
Provision of new buildings for school and other facilities with demolition of existing school buildings and new fencing and gates separating school site from Swinford Manor
Parish Council: Mrs Whittington was asked to write a letter of objection to KCC


The following applications have been granted:-

06/00485/AS Mr and Mrs Warren, Park Cottage, Polla House, Church Lane, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent TN26 1EL
Replacement garage ( revised scheme)

06/00652/AS Mr W Dunnet, Pine Trees, Chapel Road, Hothfield TN25 4LN
Demolition of single storey rear buildings and erection of two storey rear extensions (resubmission)



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