Hothfield Parish Council the rustic heart of Kent


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

held at The School, Hothfield,

on Monday 10 July 2006 at 7.00 pm

PRESENT: Mrs S Whittington, Mr J Collins, Mr P Howard



MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were two Members of the Public present

Due to the fact that the Clerk was aware that only 3 councillors would be in attendance at this meeting, she contacted KAPC and asked for advice regarding this item. She was informed that provided the meeting was quorate, ie that 3 or more councillors were in attendance it would be in order to proceed with the election.

Mr Tony Rawlins contacted the Clerk and nominated Mrs Shirley Whittington for the position of Chairperson of Hothfield Parish Council. Seconded by Mr Collins. There were no other nominations. Mrs Whittington agreed to accept the position and was unanimously elected as Chairperson of Hothfield Parish Council.

Mrs Whittington expressed concern that only 3 people were in attendance and the Clerk suggested that he first item on the agenda for the September meeting should be a vote of confidence in the Chairperson. This was agreed.

Mrs Whittington signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

The election for the position of Vice Chairman will take place at the September meeting, when all members will, hopefully, be present.

An Apology for Absence was received from Mr P Patten who is in away, Mr Fletcher and Mr Pitt who are on holiday and Mr Rawlins who is on holiday.

There were no Declarations of Interest.

Mrs Whittington declared an interest in matters associated with Hothfield School as she is on the Governing Body. She also declared an interest in Planning Application No 06/00952/AS as she lives next door to the property in question.

i  Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct
The Clerk reminded Councillors that they should update their Declarations of Interest with the Monitoring Officer if necessary.

4. CRIME AND DISORDER (Incorporating Report by Rural Warden)
Mrs Whittington reported that she had been trying to contact the Rural Warden but had been unsuccessful. Mrs Marshall is on holiday at the moment.

The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Mrs Marshall, as she was aware that some residents were concerned about the horse that is once again tethered along School Road.
Mrs Marshall told her that ABC are putting up a notice on a daily basis and that it is being removed. After 21 days they will take action against the owner of the horse.

Minutes 44 were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Whittington should sign them.
Proposed Mr Collins Seconded Mr Howard

A meeting was held with ABC which Mr Collins felt was a waste of time. The Borough Council would not undertake to provide any activities for the youth of the village, although they did say that they would do all they can to progress the MUGA.

The doors have been vandalised but ABC will not pay for to replace them. The income for last month was £60. The cost of cleaning the hall is £130.

The Committee are meeting on Monday to discuss the future of the hall.

Mrs Whittington reported that Mr Patten had met with Mark Carty of ABC who did not feel there would be a problem with them taking back the lease. They would sell the site for development. Mr Collins said he did not think they could sell the site as it was given to the village by Sir Reginald Rootes, for the sole purpose of providing a village hall.
Mrs Whittington asked Mr Collins to investigate this further. She said she would ask Mr Patten whether he has any documentation regarding the land.

Mr Howard asked the Clerk to look out the previous planning application for Goldwyn School as he was interested to see how the one discussed last month differed from the previous.

The Clerk reported that the replacement CD has arrived from LaMis.

Mrs Whittington reported that the field and school were left very clean and tidy following the Village Fair.

ABC Routine Audit of Parish Council Information
Ashford Ramblers
Kent Design
Gala Lights
Towards 2010
ABC re Casual Vacancy
KCC Definitive Map Modification Order
KCC Minerals Plan
KAPC Parish News etc
16+ and Ready to Vote Campaign
Clerk and Councils Direct
KAPC Minutes of meeting held 07.06.06
Local Council Review
KCC Notice of Adoption of Kent and Medway Structure Plan
KCC – Speed Management Scheme in Hothfield
KCC re County Lengthsmen Scheme

Presentation of Externally Audited Accounts
The Annual Return has been received back from the District Auditor and all is in order.
The notices have been posted. Mrs Whittington thanked the Clerk for preparing the Accounts.

Accounts to be paid

Pilgrims Hospice

Payment on behalf

of Litter Pickers

£210.00   £210.00
Mr K Funnell Internal Audit £50.00   £50.00
Mr C Stanley Phase 1 Web Site £291.56   £291.56

Accounts proposed by Mr Howard Seconded by Mr Collins

Resolution: Councillors unanimously agreed to pay the above accounts.

Bank Balance
The account balance stands at £8862.69

Bank of Ireland
Nothing to report.

Risk Assessment
Nothing to report.

Freedom of Information Act/Web Site
Mrs Fields asked Mr Collins who she should contact regarding making arrangements for putting the newsletter on the web site. The Clerk said she would contact Mr Rawlins to discuss this.

See attached list.

Nothing to report.

Mr Holloway was invited to speak at this point in his capacity as Chairman of the Hothfield Action Group. He reported that all the letters and petition had to be with KCC by 30 June and that a decision as to whether Hothfield School will be closed and amalgamated with Charing will be made on 24 July, as will the decisions on the future of other schools in the Borough. As a result of this campaign more members of the community have become involved with the school and the decision on 24 July will effect how the group moves forward. The members will either take their fight further or they will look at forming a  Friends of Hothfield School. The Group raised some money at the Village Fair and have used it to print some leaflets to be sent to all the County Councillors. Any money left over at the end of the campaign will either go to the school or, in the event that the school is closed, to the Parish Council.

Play Area/ROSPA Report
Nothing to report.

Mrs Whittington reported that the School Governors wished to see the plans before they make any sort of decision as to whether they are prepared to contribute financially towards the cost of the MUGA. Mr Collins said he had some plans they could look at.

Tidying Village
Mrs Whittington said she would talk to Mr Patten and see whether he had managed to contact Mrs Medlock.

Litter Control
A resident of Coach Drive was present and expressed concern at the amount of litter in this area. He offered to join the team of Litter Pickers. Mrs Whittington said she would pass his details to Mr Fletcher. It was suggested that he contact Mr Coles regarding the possibility of clearing the litter out of the wood as this is private land.

Speed Indication Devices
Mrs Whittington said she felt a decision regarding whether or not the Parish Council wishes to join with Pluckley and Egerton to purchase a machine should be made at the September meeting.

The Clerk passed her the details of the Speed Management Scheme so that she can see what is proposed. Our scheme has been put forward in the preliminary round of bidding for funding for the next financial year.

With regard to the possibility of installing an interactive flashing light, a unit costs £5000-£6000. A set of criteria needs to be met before we would be given permission for one to be installed in the Village.

Mrs Whittington said that, overall, Hothfield is a safe village. There have only been 5 cases of physical injury due to traffic accidents in the last 5 years.

Concern was expressed at the speed with which traffic drives down Coach Drive and Park Drive. Mrs Whittington said she would speak to PC Sharpe about this.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm.



13 JUNE 2006 – 10 JULY 2006

Planning Applications Received

Full Planning Permission requested – Delegated to Officers unless otherwise stated:-

06/00952/AS Mr and Mrs Pitt, Mitchell Farmhouse, West Street, Hothfield,
Ashford, Kent TN26 1EU
Replacement and relocation of oil tank and new garden store
Parish Council: No Comment – decision deferred
Business Inquorate

Planning Permission has been granted on the following:-

05/00864/AS Montash Properties Ltd, re Home Farm, Park Drive, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent TN26 1DR
Listed Building Proposed conversion of existing listed barns to 2 no. dwellings

Last Update  06.08.2006
Hothfield Parish Council 2006