Hothfield Parish Council

In the rustic heart of Kent


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

held at The School, Hothfield, on Monday 13 February 2006 at 7.00 pm


PRESENT: Mrs M Highwood, (Chair), Mr J Collins, Mr R Fletcher and Mr P Howard.



MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: There were no Members of the Public present

An Apology for Absence was received from Mr P Patten who is on holiday, Mr R Pitt and Mrs S Whittington who are also on holiday

We have not received any applications from parishioners interested in becoming a councillor. Any Councillor who has any ideas as to who might fill the vacancy was asked to speak to Mr Patten

There were no Declarations of Interest.

i. Updating of Declarations of Interest for the Code of Conduct
The Clerk reminded Councillors that they should update their Declarations of Interest with the Monitoring Officer if necessary.

5. CRIME AND DISORDER (Incorporating Report by Rural Warden)
Nothing to report.

Minutes 39 were accepted and it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Highwood should sign them.
Proposed Mr Fletcher Seconded Mr Howard

Mr Fletcher asked to Clerk to fully explain ongoing issues in each set of minutes in future, rather than just give an update.



North Weald Parish Forum
ABC Progress Report on the Local Development Framework
KCC re Waste Exhibition Unit
Early Years and Childcare News
ABC Agenda for Standards Committee
ABC Report of the Chairman of the Parish Forum
Working with Young People
ABC re Review of Lettings Policy
Chief Constable
KCC Preserving our water supplies for future generations
KAPC Parish News etc
Mid Kent Water article for Parish Newsletter/Posters

Accounts to be paid

During the month Mr Patten obtained verbal agreement from Cllrs Highwood, Collins, Fletcher and Rawlins to pay £100 to Entrust as a subscription to allow us to proceed with a grant application for financial assistance with the proposed multisports area.

Also, during the past month, Mr Patten obtained verbal agreement from Cllrs Highwood, Rawlins and Howard to pay Black Forge Art Ltd £752.00 for the Village Sign.

Mr Rivers asked whether it would be possible for the Council to allocate £160 rather than £100 for the reprinting of A Hothfield History as he has been asked for more copies than he expected. Councillors unanimously agreed to his request.

There were no accounts for Payment tonight.

The above accounts were formally, unanimously, accepted.

Bank Balance
The account stands at £9255.57.

Risk Assessment
This has been completed by Mr Patten and Mr Fletcher. No items were identified for action
that are not already being dealt with. The bus stop at the triangle needs painting.

Freedom of Information Act/Web Site
The Clerk reported that she had received another call from Mr Stanley who is keen to set a web site up for Hothfield. Councillors have agreed to review this once the Village Appraisal process is up and running.

Village Fete
The Committee ask that this is referred to as The Village Fair in future. It is to be held on 24 June and the Committee are keen to hold it on the field by the school. Mr Tywdell is to consult the Headmaster. A draft Risk Assessment has been produced which Mrs Highwood kept to pass on to Mr Patten on his return.

The members of the Parish Council present at tonight’s meeting expressed considerable concern at the proposed school field venue on the grounds of a lack of parking, electricity supply and toilet facilities. There is also an issue with the large number of mole hills on the field as these will need to be dealt with prior to the fair being held.

Mr Twydell said he had not received any answers to his letters to Mr Patten in the past. The Clerk was asked to e-mail all correspondence to Mrs Highwood, who would then forward correspondence to Mr Twydell..

Mrs Highwood reported that the disc had crashed the hard drive on her computer. Mr Patten has the disc at the moment and she thought that it should be returned to LaMis.

See attached list.

Mr Patten has submitted an application for a TPO to be placed on an area of trees in The Park.


Play Area
During the month Mr Patten obtained verbal agreement from Cllrs Highwood, Fletcher and Rawlins to order replacement bark chippings at a cost of £1867.28. Most of the chippings have been laid and the rest are in Mr Howard’s barn and will be used to top up when needed. Councillors thanked Mr Howard for storing them.

A quote has been received from Bounty for dealing with the moles on the area of grass between the school and the play area. In the first instance Bounty will need to visit twice at a cost of £450. After that they will need to visit once a year at a cost of £180. It was agreed to defer a decision until the next meeting. Councillors are unsure as to who owns this area of land.

Hothfield Common Football Pitch
Further discussion was deferred until next month.

Tidying Village
Mr Patten left a note to say that he has still not made contact with Mrs Medlock from the Kent Probation service regarding the possibility of people with a Community Service Order coming to tidy up the village.

Village Appraisal
Mr Twydell has agreed to undertake this. Councillors expressed their thanks to Mr Twydell and offered him their support. The Clerk was asked to contact Cornhill Insurance to ensure that villagers on the Committee would be covered for insurance under the Parish Council’s policy.

In order for Mr Twydell to apply for a grant he needed confirmation that the Parish Council would be prepared to make a donation towards the cost of the production of the Plan. After discussion, Mr Howard proposed that the Parish Council should donate £500.
Seconded by Mr Collins. Unanimous.

Village Sign
The sign has been made and is presently with Data Tooling who are making the post for it.

Litter Control
Nothing to report.

Speed Indication Devices
PC Sharp is to attend next month’s meeting to discuss this with Councillors. The Clerk is awaiting further information regarding the possibility of us joining with Pluckley and Egerton to purchase a machine.

The Clerk was asked to send an abridged report of future parish council meetings to Mrs Fields for inclusion in the Newsletter.

Concern was expressed at the mud and cuttings being left on the road as a result of the Silver Birch trees being cut down along Cade Road.

The Clerk was asked to report the large pot holes along Cade Road to the County Lengthsmen.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.42 pm.

Signed …………………………………………………………. Dated …….............................
Mr P Patten, Chairman



9 JANUARY 2006 – 13 FEBRUARY 2006

Planning Applications Received

06/00186/AS Mr W Dunnet, Pine Trees, Chapel Road, Hothfield TN25 4LN
Demolition of single storey rear buildings and erection of two storey rear extensions

Parish Council: No Comment

Planning Permission has been granted on the following:-

5/01871/AS Mr H Hilden, 10 School Road, Hothfield, Ashford, Kent TN26 1HA
Creation of a dropped kerb

Permission granted in the name of Mrs Horne.

Last Update  14.05.2006
Hothfield Parish Council 2006